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Rosalie Lebow - Equestrian Living Specialist

Why an Equestrian Specialist?

Horse properties. There is nothing more tranquil than looking out your kitchen window to rolling green pastures dotted with grazing horses behind a white vinyl fence. But the reality is that buying, maintaining, building, and selling horse properties in the Pacific Northwest is an enormous undertaking. And when you consider the time and money spent in your quest for a horsie haven, why choose anyone to help you buy and sell that is not equipped with knowledge and experience in the horse AND real estate businesses?

As an Equestrian Living Specialist, I am here to tell you that no real estate professional chooses this channel unless they are truly dedicated to the equestrian way of life. We live and breathe horses and real estate every single day. My goal is to help you make the safest and soundest choices for your home and animals, so when you step out to the barn you can enjoy a contented sigh of morning air. And when I put the power of Windermere to work for you, it comes with a promise to be your advocate every step of the way.

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Rosalie Lebow
Equestrian Living Specialist